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What We Do

One in five people will personally experience a mental illness in their lifetime. For every person who lives with a mental illness, there is a large network of family caregivers and health care professionals, such as personal support workers, nurses, and social workers who want training to better support that individual. At Two Wheels Training we distill the scientific evidence of caregiving into useful solutions. The skills we teach are based on proven results and have helped families and people living with mental illness in their day-to-day life.

We bring training to your organization that is tailored to meet your needs and work within your time frame.


About Us

Two Wheels Training teaches family caregivers and health care professionals how to apply practical caregiving strategies to improve the quality of life for people living with serious mental illness. Together the company’s founders have 40+ years of personal and professional experience in mental health. We have worked in direct service providing counselling and support to individuals and families as well as in academic, hospital and community research settings. We also have first-hand knowledge as family caregivers.

Our Founding Team
The Story of Two Wheels
Remember learning to ride a two-wheel bicycle? At some point everyone is ready to leave their training wheels behind. At first you are scared, shaky, and unsure of yourself. You may fall, scrape your knee, and there may even be a few tears. But with practice and perseverance most of us eventually learn to ride on two wheels. And when that day comes there is an incredible feeling of accomplishment. But none of us gets there alone. Someone was there to guide, support, and lend a steady hand. Learning how to provide effective care for someone with mental illness is similar to that. Just like riding a two-wheel bicycle, it is not something we’re born knowing how to do. There are skills and strategies that must be learned. At Two Wheels Training we teach you what they are and how to apply them to your caregiving. And once you have those tools under your belt you are entirely on your way to mastering that two-wheeler.
Gain the skills and confidence you need to provide the best care you can.



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